Buying Bitcoin on a recurring basis allows you to dollar-cost average Bitcoin's volatility. Use your credit card to easily and safely buy Bitcoin on a recurring basis. Your Bitcoins will be sent directly to your wallet.

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Bitcoin Is
Digital Gold

As central banks keep "printing" cash, the supply of cash increases at the same time as the supply of Bitcoin will never exceed 21 million coins.
This means that regardless of short-term volatility, the nature of Bitcoin is deflationary.
Many believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will eventually make government-printed money obsolete.
Respected industry players, analysts also believe Bitcoin could reach new heights in value in the future. Why that? Because the number of Bitoin tokens is scarce while the supply of fiat cash is only increasing. Scarce resources tend to rise in value over time. Thus holding some bitcoin could be a hedge against inflation. Are you ready to join the revolution?

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What is Dollar-Cost
averaging (DCA)?

Dollar-Cost Averaging is a technique first coined by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett's mentor, to gradually enter into an asset, normally a volatile one. Using this technique, we buy the asset gradually over time by buying the same amount periodically. For bitcoin it has proven to be a very effective strategy due to its volatility. When bitcoin drops in price, you get more of it. When goes up, you are winning the upside of your past purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work?

    It's simple. We help you enter the bitcoin market by helping you buy Bitcoin with your credit card. All you need is a Credit Card and a Bitcoin wallet address where to receive your Bitcoin. You also need to provide a photo ID for the KYC verification process.

  • Worldwide. That is the beauty of cryptocurrencies!

  • The tansaction fee is 10% over the CoinMarketCap Bitcoin-USD rate. This includes all fees, including credit card fees and Bitcoin transaction fees.